Synthetic vertical blinds with integrated antibacterial protection. As the first and only European manufacturer of synthetic vertical blinds, Lecluyse launches window decoration which is not only very practical and decorative but also functional: synthetic vertical blinds with built-in antibacterial protection. An exclusive product of Lecluyse! The specific protection efficiently eliminates all bacteria reaching the surface of the vertical blinds in no time. And there’s more: the integrated technology works 24 seven throughout the year. It provides extra protection between cleaning sessions, and helps to convert each office, day nursery, restaurant, hospital etc. into a safer, healthier living and working environment.

This innovative product with built-in antibacterial technology has been tested world-wide by a large number of leading independent research laboratories, including ISEGA, TNO, Law Laboratories, Institute Pasteur and Institute Fresenius. Time and again, the efficacy of the antibacterial technology in the fight against harmful bacteria and moulds has been proven.

The benefits:

  • permanent protection against the most common bacteria
  • proven to reduce bacteria loadings by up to 99.9%
  • helps contribute to a healthy and clean working environment
  • helps prevent mildew spots on your vertical blinds
  • helps prevent unpleasant odours
  • limits the risks of infections
  • benefits the image of your company
  • inspires the confidence of guests, customers and patients

These antibacterial blinds are ailable in white, cream and grey in size 89 mm and 127 mm.

In short: Lecluyse helps you to fight harmful bacteria!